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How Scrub Works

Connecting people through the carwash platform is our core business and the app that connects driver-partners and washers is what makes it all possible. Here’s how it works, step by step:

Step 1

The client logs on to the app and looks for the nearest carwash business in the area and enters their destination; then confirms it and taps Request

Step 2

A nearby washer sees and chooses to accept the client’s request.

Step 03

Client will then need to select the service they want in selected category and can add special instructions for Washer. The client can also enter coupon code if any. Client can book the Washer for now or some later time.

Step 04

Washer will become online on the Apps to accept the Job Requests. Once he is online, the System will be able to send him job Requests made by the Customer in his range.

Step 05

The carwash driver and the client verify each other’s names and the destination.

Step 06

Washer will mark job status as “Arrived” once he has arrived at Job location and slide the button to start the Job once his ready to start the Job.

Step 07

Client will receive a notification that the job has begun and in progress.

Step 08

Upon this, the Client will see in app-notification that the job is completed.

Step 09

Once the Job is completed, the invoice summary will be displayed on the Washer screen Customer selects his Payment mode as Cash, QR code or Online Payment Gateway.

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